Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Cinematic Stroll

These TOKYO OSAMPO videos were filmed and produced between February 2020 and August 2021. The content may have changed since then. Please check the latest information before you set out on a walk. 

Tokyo Walking will show you the new way to travel Tokyo. “Osampo Walk”.“Osampo” means casual walking and exploring in Japanese.

There are variety of sightseeing, gourmet, shopping and other attractive spots in Tokyo. It is an ideal sightseeing city to enjoy walking. However, Paths in Tokyo are so complicated. It might be a bit difficult for travelers to walk around freely. Our website “TOKYO WALKING “ shows you recommended courses chosen by travel professionals for non-Japanese speakers and first-time travelers in Tokyo.What’s more, we offer videos to help you easily find your ways. In the video, a navigator guides you to the perfect walking tour, walking the actual route and dropping in recommended spots.
With the video, you can enjoy the walk smoothly without getting lost.
Let’s enjoy the cinematic stroll with an Osampo navigator!
Let’s enjoy “TOKYO WALKING”

Vol.20 Cinematic Stroll(English Ver.)

Entertainment Town 2 Odaiba course
Odaiba-kaihinkoen Sta.
→Tokyo Big Sight Sta.

District with numerous attractions and large shopping malls. Let’s stroll along the beautiful promenade and visit the popular entertainment spots.  Filming : 2021 Jun. ⑥VenusFort (closed on Mar 31, 2022), ⑦Epson teamLab Borderless (closed on Aug 31, 2022)

The life-sized Unicorn Gandam Statue ⓒSOTSU SUNRIZE

Vol.19 Cinematic Stroll(English Ver.)

Entertainment Town 1 Akihabara to Kanda
Akihabara Sta.
→Ochanomizu Sta.

Experience otaku (geeky) culture in Akihabara, the "mecca of anime and games," and refined Edo culture at Kanda Myojin Shrine, where the “Guardian Deities of Edo” are enshrined.

Vol.18 Cinematic Stroll(English Ver.)

Waterfront Walk 2  Takeshiba,Tokyo Tower
Hamamatsucho Sta.
→ Kamiyacho Sta.

From the city of the future at the walterside to the historic temples and shrines of Atago and Shiba. The finale is a panoramic view from Tokyo Tower.

Vol.17 Cinematic Stroll(English Ver.)

Waterfront walk 1  Shinagawa, Tennouzu
Shinagawa Sta. Takanawa Exit
→Shinagawa Sta. Konan Exit

Shinagawa offers a balanced mix of attractive old and new spots. Take a refreshing stroll along the waterfront while enjoying the local culture and nature.

Vol.16 Cinematic Stroll  English version

Strolling the fashion town 2
Daikan-Yama Station ⇒
Naka-meguro Station

Going down the slope from Kyuyamate-dori Ave. dotted with embassies and gorgeous restaurants to Meguro River area where stylish cafés and shops line along the river.

Vol.15 Cinematic Stroll in Tokyo 

Strolling the fashion town 1
Roppongi Station Exit1c ⇒
Roppongi Station Exit7

It is an area where 2 skyscrapers, cultural facilities and greenery exist in perfect harmony. Take a stroll around the sophisticated city with a chic ambience.

Vol.14 Cinematic Stroll  English version

Shibuya Station ⇒
Omote-Sando Station

From Shibuya, which is currently being redeveloped, to Omotesando, a town where sophisticated adults gather. Walk around this fashionable area that continues to be a showplace for the latest trends.
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Vol.13 Cinematic Stroll  English version

Hibiya Station ⇒
Higashi-ginza Station

The area that shows the transition from Edo era to modern era to the present day. Let’s walk in the center of Japan feeling the history of Tokyo.
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Vol.12 Cinematic Stroll  English version

Tokyo Station ⇒
Toranomon Hills Station

The area that shows the transition from Edo era to modern era to the present day. Let’s walk in the center of Japan feeling the history of Tokyo.
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Cinematic Stroll in Tokyo 
Tokyo Station→ Shin-Nihombashi Station.

Nihonbashi has been an economic and cultural center of Tokyo since the Edo period.Walk along the vibrant streets where the old and the new coexist.
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Cinematic Stroll in Tokyo 
Ryogoku Station West exit ⇒
Kuramae Station A3 exit

Downtown4:A town of traditional culture, Ryogoku and a town of handworks of craftsmen, Kuramae. We will visit two downtowns on both sides of the Sumida River. 
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Vol.9 Cinematic Stroll  English version

Ueno Station. Panda Bridge exit→Ueno Station. Sshinobazu exit

 Walk around in the spacious Ueno Park located in the center of downtown Tokyo.
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Cinematic Stroll in Tokyo with a walking navigator.
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Nippori Station East exit ⇒
Nippori Station West exit

The course walking around Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi from JR Nippori Station. Historical architectures from Edo period are seen in a traditional atmosphere downtown.

Vol.7 Cinematic Stroll  English version

Asakusa Station→Oshiage (SKYTREE)Station

Downtown 1  Standard route which you want to visit once in your lifetime.
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Vol.6 Cinematic Stroll  English version

Shinanomachi Sta.→Aoyam-1cyome Sta.

Walking around the spots related to the Imperial Family 1
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In front of JR Shinanomachi Station, there is Meiji-jingu-gaien and nearby is the Akasaka Imperial Property where the residence of Imperial Prince is located. Historically important architectures and gardens are dotted around the periphery. After visiting the National Important Culture Properties and the National Treasures related to the Imperial family, we will go on to the stylish town Aoyama.

Vol.5 Cinematic Stroll  English version

Harajyuku Station →Sendagaya Station

Walking routes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic area3.
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Start from Harajuku’s most famous spot, Takeshita Street. Fashion area of Sendagaya, so-called “Dagaya-sando”, we will visit the historic Hatonomori Hachiman Shrine.Walking east, viewing the National Stadium, we will head for the Japan Olympic Museum.Look forward to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. 

Vol.4 Cinematic Stroll  English version

Ebisu Station →Meguro Station

Walking routes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic area3.
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After learning the history of Ebisu at the Museum of Yebisu Beer, we will enjoy luxurious teatime at the Westin Tokyo Hotel. Experiencing old and new aspects of Ebisu, we will move on to Meguro area walking through Platinum Street in Shirokane. You will be impressed with the overwhelming scale of the Institute for the Nature Study and the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum.

Vol.3 Cinematic Stroll  English version

Ebisu Station →Shirokane-takanawa Station

“Osampo” route1starts from the popular Ebisu station in Tokyo.
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Go out the East exit of JR Ebisu station and head for east. After enjoying tasty food on the Shinbashi Gourmet Street, take a stroll around the Shirokane-kitasato street where you find many old-fashioned shops. Final part of the Osampo, we will go up and down the hill to visit the high-end residential area on the top of the Shirokane hill.

Vol.2 Cinematic Stroll  English version

Shibuya Station →Haraduku Station

Part 1
Enjoy the landmarks in Shibuya, Shibuya Scramble Crossing and SHIBUYA PARCO. 
Part 2
Walk through the stylish Oku-Shibuya and then to Yoyogi Park area with greenaly related to the past and the next Tokyo Olympics.

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Vol.1Commemoration of Opening Website: START Walk plan

Harajuku Sta.~Yoyogi Sta.

Part 1 Meijijingu
Walking through the forest of the Meiji Jingu-Shrine, an oasis in the metropolitan Tokyo.
Part 2 Yoyogi area
From the Nishisando Entrance,explore Yoyogi area.

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