Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Cinematic Short

Cinematic Short
「This is Japan!」

TOKYO WALKING are delivering free short film(approx.5min) to introduce Japan to the world in English.
All the videos are with English subtitles.You can watch the videos from “TOKYO WALKING” on You Tube channel.

Japanese Food

[This is Japan] "How to Make Umeshu" by TOKYO WALKING

In Japanese households, from the beginning to the middle of June, people make plum wine called umeshu by steeping green plums in liquor. Even overseas, Japanese umeshu is well-known and quite popular.Try your hand at making umeshu at home.

How to Cook Rice! Part1 
Washing Rice

Rice has been Japanese people’s staple food over the last  two thousand years. Most people eat it at almost every meal in Japan. In this video “How to Cook Rice Part1”, we learn how to wash rice. If you wash rice in a particular way, the cooked rice tastes much better. Please master the Japanese way of washing rice.

How to Cook Rice! Part2   
Cooking Rice in A Rice-Cooker.

Let 's cook the rice that we washed in the previous video, “How to Cook Rice Part1”. In every household in Japan, we have a rice cooker. This is a very useful appliance specialized in cooking rice. Let’s take a look how to cook rice in a Japanese rice cooker.

How to Cook Rice! Part3  
Cooking Rice in A Pot.

You can cook rice easily and deliciously in a pot that you have. Let’s take a look how to cook rice in a pot! The Japanese rice cooker we introduced in the previous video “Part2” is very convenient. But it might be difficult to find in some countries. We recommend this way of using a pot to everyone in the world. The tip of cooking well in a pot is not to open the lid while boiling and steaming !

Japanese Life

Taking Off Shoes in Japanese houses

Japanese people take their shoes off at the entrance before going into the 
house. Then, go straight to the wash room to wash hands and rinse their mouths. 
We will show you the practice of the world’s most cleanest and tidiest lifestyle in Japanese living.

Living in A Room with Tatami Mats

Floor in the traditional Japanese room is covered with rush mats -“Tatami”. Inthe Tatami room, people sit on the floor at the low table. Alcove-“Tokonoma”, translucent paper sliding screen-“Shouji”, paper sliding door -“Fusuma” and other unique fittings in Japanese rooms are introduced.

How to Sleep on A Japanese Futon

The traditional Japanese bedding is Futon. We spread futon on Tatami floor, put comforter over the futon and place a pillow to sleep. Tomoko, the navigator, will give you live coverage how to sleep in Futon.

Travel in Japan

How to Worship at Japanese Shinto Shrines

At the popular shrine in Tokyo, Meiji Jingu, shinto priest, Mr. Hirao will teach Tomoko manners to worship at the shrine. How to go through the Torii gate, purifying hands and mouth at Temizutya and worship the god. It will be a very useful lesson for you to visit shrines.

Japanese Life in Summer

Delivered in Aug.

Let's Try Wearing A Yulara, Japanese Summer Kimono (夏の着物ゆかたを着てみよう)

Many Japanese people wear a Yukata for Summer Fireworks festivals and Bon-dance festivals. A Yukata is a casual summer cotton kimono that is cool-looking. As Yukata is worn according to each body type using waist cords and Obi or Sash, it looks good on everybody. Now, let’s try on Yukata.

Delivered in Aug.

Cooling off -Japanese Summer 3
Kakigori, Shaved ice.(かき氷)

Speaking of the Japanese dessert which helps us cool down in the hot and humid summer, it is Kakigori, Shaved ice. In Japan, a number of restaurants and cafes serve Shaved ice in Summer. We are going to try to make fluffy Kakigori and taste it when we are ready at home.

Delivered in Aug.

Cooling off -Japanese Summer 2
Listening to Furin, Wind Bell(風鈴を聞く)

Furin is a Japanese wind bell. It is shaped like upside down bowl and is made of various materials such as glass and ceramics. The sound of Furin reminds Japanese people of the wind, which helps us cool down. Now we will show you the sound and video of Furin that brings coolness into hot and humid Japanese summer.

Delivered in Aug.

Cooling off -Japanese Summer 1
Uchimizu & Engawa (打ち水と縁側)

Today, we are going to show you 2 cool down methods in the Japanese life. One is Uchimizu, an old Japanese purification method which is spreading water in the street in front of the house and the garden. Another is Engawa, a wooden corridor facing the garden in traditional Japanese house where Japanese sit on to chill out.