Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

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Discovery in Osampo Vol.2
Let’s go across the Gorin Bridge wishing for the Tokyo Olympics for 2021 to be held next summer!


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was postponed till July next year. In the Vol.2 course, we will walk around Yoyogi & Harajuku areas
which are deeply related to 1964 and 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Before reaching the goal, Harajuku station, we will go across the Gorin Bridge. This bridge was built as the overpass for the Yamanote railway line to lead people to the newly constructed National Yoyogi Stadium. It was used for main arena for swimming events at the previous Tokyo Olympics.
You will find globe type objects on the top of four newel posts and the Olympic events reliefs on the bridge rail walls. Just walking across the bridge, you will feel the excitement of the Olympic events. When you are on the bridge, let us all pray for the whole world to overcome the state of emergency for COVID-19 and the Tokyo Olympics will be held in summer next year!

Gorin Bridge, overpass for Yamanote Line

Message of the globe objet d’art is “World is One”