Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Walking News

Mini-movie series “This is Japan!” has started!


TOKYO WALKING provides Osampo movie which each course is guided by the navigator. We are planning to make free short film(approx.5min) to introduce Japan to the world in English every month.
In June, we are streaming 4 films introducing Japanese lifestyle. Click the following film titles.
All the videos are with English subtitles, so it will be good for people who wants to learn English! You can watch the videos from “TOKYO WALKING” on You Tube channel.

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Cinematic short series “This is Japan!” 

Taking Off Shoes in Japanese houses
Japanese people take their shoes off at the entrance before going into the 
house. Then, go straight to the wash room to wash hands and rinse their mouths. 
We will show you the practice of the world’s most cleanest and tidiest 
lifestyle in Japanese living.

Living in a Room with Tatami Mats
Floor in the traditional Japanese room is covered with rush mats -“Tatami”. In 
the Tatami room, people sit on the floor at the low table. Alcove-“Tokonoma”, 
translucent paper sliding screen-“Shouji”, paper sliding door -“Fusuma” and 
other unique fittings in Japanese rooms are introduced.

How to Sleep on a Japanese Futon
The traditional Japanese bedding is Futon. We spread futon on Tatami floor, put 
comforter over the futon and place a pillow to sleep. Tomoko, the navigator, 
will give you live coverage how to sleep in Futon.

How to Worship at Japanese Shinto Shrines 
At the popular shrine in Tokyo, Meiji Jingu, shinto priest, Mr. Hirao will teach 
Tomoko manners to worship at the shrine. How to go through the Torii gate, 
purifying hands and mouth at Temizutya and worship the god. It will be a very 
useful lesson for you to visit shrines.