Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Walking News

For Asakusa Osampo, get dressed in Kimono at “Atelier Kosode” 


The most fun part of Asakusa Osampo is strolling in Kimono. You can put on Kimono easily at Kimono rental shop. At Aatelier Kosode,they have “ Walking Asakusa in Kimono Plan” with large selection of Kimono. The plan includes Kimono dressing, zori (Japanese straw sandals) and accessories, so don’t have to bring anything with you. You can choose your favorite from various types, such as casual printed design, pure silk, antique Kimono or Hakama(a long pleated skirt worn over a kimono) and Yukata(an informal cotton Kimono). There are also large selection of Kimono for man. Experienced staff will dress you on your request from ordinary style to trendy Taisho-romance style. You can leave your belongings at the shop while Osampo. A plan with photographer accompanying Osampo is popular, too.

It’s near Asakusa station, on the narrow street entering from Bashamichi Street.

Large selection of kimono. You can choose your favorite design here.

Hair setting \1000~. They will finish up in any style on your request.

Kimono dressing is done in only 30 minutes.

Artistic design Obi (sash) tying. You can order your favorite obi tying style.

Atelier Kosode


2&3F Wakamatsuya-Bulding 1-5-3 Hanakawado Taito-ku Tokyo




No Holiday


10:00~17:30(Need reservation)


Japanese Kimono & Accessory Set (Inc set up )4300円~、
Hear setting :1000円
Tabi (Socks): 300円    
*1day charge


1 min walk from main Exit of TOBU Asakusa Station