Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Walking News

In Ueno Park, you must visit Shitamachi Museum where the culture of shitamachi is reproduced.
(*The Shitamachi was originally an area of Edo where the common people lived.)


Ueno district in Meiji and Taisho period retained the atmosphere of shitamachi area Tokyo. However, it has disappeared gradually due to the Great Kanto earthquake, World War II and the rapid growth of the economy. People who worried about losing the good old days’ shitamachi area culture made an appeal to establish a museum to inherit the history of ordinary life of Japan to the next generation. Thus, Shitamachi Museum was opened in1980.
People’s life during Taisho period is reproduced on the first floor and 1950’s on the second floor. Most of displayed household goods were actually used in the old days. Before the spread of COVID-19, visitors were able to go into the rooms and touch the household goods. Events such as paper-story show and demonstration of traditional crafts by craftsmen were also held but are canceled now.

It is located on the bank of Shinobazuno-ike at Ueno Onshi Park.

Nagaya (row house) in Taisho period. Life of penny store’s mother and the daughter is vividly depicted.

Shared well of Nagaya. The washtub and the washboard were actually used in Taisho period.

Replica of the house from 1950’s is on the second floor. Most of the household items are real.

Dressing room and Bandai (a seat for the attendant to collect fees and watch over the dressing rooms placed near the entrance of the public bath room) of Sento (public bath) which was opened until 1986 in Kuramae.

Extensive number of materials and items of downtown life are exhibited, mainly from Taito ward. Currently, special exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the museum is held.

Shitamachi Museum


2-1 Uenokoen Taoto-ku Tokyo




Monday(When a national holiday or its substitute falls on a Monday, the Monday(next weekday if Monday is holiday)



Admission fee



5-min walk from Shinobazu Entrance of JR Ueno Station