Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Walking News

Visit to a fashionable spot in Akihabara where there are many Japanese artisan stores.


Stretching under the elevated railway tracks from Akihabara Station to Okachimachi Station, 2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan is a popular commercial facility with the theme of “monozukuri" (making of things). 2k540 is a strange name that’s a railway term referring to the fact that the facility is 2.540 km away from Tokyo Station. The approximately 5,000 square meter site is lined with unique stores selling sundries, fashion goods, jewelry, and other wonderful items that reflect the skills of craftsmen and the sense of designers. Items are carefully handcrafted, and you’re sure to come across something you’ll become attached to. 2k540 is a great place to find gifts for family and loved ones. There are also stores with workshops where you can watch production processes, and workshops where you can actually experience "making things".

A commercial facility operated by JR East Urban Development Corporation.

Enjoy Japanese "monozukuri" culture in a sophisticated space.

There are many unique stores selling customizable umbrellas and wooden products with engraved names.

Another fun thing to do is to watch craftsmen as they work.



5-9 Ueno Taito-ku


Varies by store


※Varies by store, such as restaurants.


11:00-20:30(Common Access Opening Hours)
※Varies by store, such as restaurants.


6-min walk from JR Akihabara Sta. Electric Town Exit
4- min walk from JR Okachimachi Sta. South Exit
3-min walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Suehirocho Sta. Exit2