Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

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At“Venus of Tokyo”, a permanent immersive theater, the audience can experience joining the story as one of the characters!

Aug. 2021

At the immersive theaters in London and New York, many works have been performed and are gaining high popularities. This is the immersive type of performance which the audience not only watches from the seat but can be part of the story by walking around the stage as one of the haracters. This new type of dance performance,‘“Venus of Tokyo”, is now shown daily until the end of March 2022 at the permanent theater located in VenusFort. The mysterious events continuously happens at the suspicious auction held at the secret club, “VOID”. The audience is allowed to take a role as one of the secret club members and will see what happens as the story goes on! Creator of the stage is the dance company ‘DAZZLE”, actively working domestically and overseas. Don’t miss the exciting performances unfolded in a mysterious world.

Show at the new immersive type of theater, “Venus of Tokyo”.

Amazing dance performances right in front of your eyes.

Story unfolds in different rooms.

Mysterious silent world with no lines by the performers.

“Venus’ arm” and the gold apple are the keys to the story.

Produced by the multiple award winning dance company, “DAZZLE”.

Venus of TOKYO【REAL】


VenusFort 2F, 1-3-15 Aoumi, Koutou-ku


No holiday (except on specified days)
*This theater will be finished in the end of March of 2022.


*Performance time about 90 min.
*Doors open 30 min before the show.


General:¥6500, Premium:¥9500


6-minute walk from Yurikamome Aomi Sta.
7-minute walk from Rinkai Line Tokyo Teleport Sta.