Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Osampo Staff

Here are our professional Osampo staff for making website and video for TOKYO WALKING

Created by:Shinako


Osampo producer

Has been working as an editor of guidebook introducing Japan for long time. After travelling all over Japan, she fully realized that no other place is better than metropolis Tokyo to enjoy Osampo walking. She is in charge of planning Osampo courses to appeal to the world the enjoyment of Tokyo walking.

“Visiting from spot to spot, you will be amazed how attractive Tokyo is! I will introduce you wonderful walking courses!”


Osampo navigator

English coach and an actress.
Took part as a reporter for the news program “Great Gear”of NHK World. She has also taken many roles in the international projects as an actress. She will guide you as the navigator with her perfect English and charming personality.


Osampo illustrator

Draws Osampo illustration map and website top illustration. Her sense of drawing fashionable and sophisticated characters and cityscape fits perfectly for describing the city of Tokyo. Complicated streets and routes of Tokyo are drawn on the illustration map precisely and easy to find your way around.

“I want everyone to enjoy Osampo, so I’m making the illustration map of Tokyo easy to see and understand.Bring it with you for your exciting Osampo tour!”


Osampo writer

Writing travel articles for a few decades.Currently, KIKI goes back and forth between Hokkaido and Kanto area. Loves walking, loves small alleys and loves to get lost.

“There are infinite discoveries even in the town you think you are familiar with. That’s why I can never stop walking. I surely will guide you to find amazing new spots and make you say WOW!”


Osampo translator

Conference interpreter and teaches English.
Loves walking, travelling and meeting people.

“Tokyo is like a jack-in-the-box. Open your map, pick a place and go! You will find something new and exciting at every spot in Tokyo”


Osampo producer

He is in charge of selecting Osampo course and location hunting. Based on his experience as the engineer of a pharmaceutical company, he works on the mechanical issues for the website and the video.

“In metropolis Tokyo, there are many attractive facilities suitable for the capital of Japan. I’m always thinking of Osampo course which middle-aged people like me can walk and enjoy”.


Osampo photographer

After graduating from Photography Departmnet, Tama Art University ( former Tama Art School), he has started his career as the photographer in 1993. Since then, he has been active in taking photos of various subjects such as landscape, person, cuisine, etc. During the location shooting, he takes wonderful photos of the season one after another with his outstanding mobility. He is also an excellent photographer for taking travel and Osampo(walking) photos. He is in charge of photos for Osampo course on website.


Osampo videophotographer and editor

Kyle is from America but has lived all over the world. He has lived in Tokyo for the past six years where he has worked as a videographer and editor. He loves exploring different parts of this great city and interacting with the people who live here. The stories that people share and the places that he sees inspire him to share these meaningful experiences with others.

 He hopes that the Tokyo Walking series will give people the chance to see Japan's capital in a new and wonderful way.